Zaidi Conservation and Community Development (Zaidi C+)
  • To support this initiative, Zaidi Safaris dedicates 25% of its profit to promote conservation and development of communities across Tanzania. Simply put, Zaidi C+ is about bringing sustainable positive impact.

  • By working closely with rural communities, we are able to provide direct employment opportunities through our pioneering cultural tourism. In fact, Zaidi co-founder, Victor Bubelwa, was one of the architects of the Tanzania Cultural Tourism campaign back in the year 2001. Through cultural tourism and community training, we are turning these areas into viable conservation economies, benefitting both the local communities as well as the environment.

  • Zaidi Safaris has a long partnership with one of the leading tourism colleges in Tanzania, PROTS, whereby Zaidi provides among other things:

    • Sponsoring several students by paying their tuition fees

    • Providing internship opportunities

    • Giving field experiences

    • Providing mentoring support with Zaidi Volunteers

  • Zaidi launched a pioneering online e-commerce site and payment system site where local designers and artists can promote and sell their curated pieces across the world. Zaidi has co-founded:

    • – an online shopping mall for souvenir and safari-inspired designs and arts which is revolutionizing giving and transforming souvenir shopping experience.

    • TemboPay is an online payment app and plugin dedicated to driving social changes by making it convenient for consumers to purchase and use part of their payments do donate into charitable causes dedicated into conservation.


Our People, Our Land, and Our Wildlife Conservation


We are committed to the social-economic development of our wildlife, our people and communities alike. Our company name, Zaidi, which means more or beyond in Swahili is centered around our belief that sustainability must go hand in hand with tourism business growth. It is for this reason; Zaidi Safaris started its community development and conservation initiative called Zaidi Community and Conservation or Zaidi C+.

How we support communities

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