Frequently asked questions


What is the best way to get to Tanzania?
The best way to get to Tanzania is through regular direct flights to Tanzania either through Kilimanjaro Airport or Dar-es-salaam Airport, other means is through Nairobi and then connect with another flight to Kilimanjaro Airport or by taking a daily shuttle from the airport to Arusha terminal through Namanga border.

Can inSerengeti book my flights?

Yes. We can book all flights and our preferred arilines are KLM, British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines respectively.

Are there any airport taxes to pay in Tanzania?

All international flight include tax with the fee, most internal flights fare exclude airport taxes and its advised to bring extra $ for paying at the airport($5-$15)are the normal depending on the airport.
What is the best way to get from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar?
The best and easiest way from Arusha (Kilimanjaro Airport) to Zanzibar is through daily flights to Zanzibar. There are around four different airline companies which have daily flights to and from Zanzibar.

Travel Information and Seasons

I am a lone traveler. Is there a possibility to join an already existing group?
Contact us and we will discuss your schedules and will see the group you can join in. We will introduce your prospective group and we will ensure you have a smooth transition.

What are the best months to go on safari?

Safari to the national parks of Tanzania can be done all year around although it’s not advisable to travel through the rain seasons as the roads are muddy and game levels are low. The best times are during the dry season or after the rain seasons. The ideal months are June through October and December through March.

When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro can be conquered during the dry season and the best times are from June through December and January through mid March. Please contact us for full moon dates.

What are the seasons like in Tanzania?

Tanzania has mainly two seasons (Dry and Rain) seasons, the long rains season start from mid March through May and the short rains around November. The dry seasons are ideal time to climb the mountain. Please visit our Kilimanjaro page for more information and packages.

Health & Immunizations

Can inSerengeti provide health/travel insurance?
We do not provide health or travel insurance please find a reliable insurance company and buy one as it’s essential during your trip.
What immunizations do I need before visiting Tanzania?
Please see our immunizations page for more information about which shots to take.

Reservations and Cancellations

Can I pay with a credit card?
Currently we do not accept credit card and our offices in Brussels will soon start accepting payment through major credit cards

Zanzibar Extensions or Island Hotel reservations?
We have a network of partners in Zanzibar and we can arrange and book for you depending on the type of accommodations you want and budget. See our Zanzibar page for a preview about the Islands and activities.
What is cancellation policy for inSerengeti?
We have standard cancellation policy as below,
60-90 before arrival-Full refund
30-60 before arrival- 70% refund
20-30 before arrival- 50% refund
1-20 before arrival- No refund

Money Issues

Will I be able to use ATM/credit cards in Tanzania?
Tanzania has developed in the banking sector and there is now hundreds of ATM machine and are mostly found in the urban area. Most of these accept VISA/MASTERCARD and few MAESTRO and AMERICAN EXPRESS. The ATM will pay you in local currency(Tanzanian Shillings-TZS).
Should I change money to Tanzanian Shillings or can I pay in foreign currency?
There are several Bureau de Change in Hotels and in town areas with competitive exchange rates where you can change the amount you need. Most places will take US Dollars as a mean of payment. For tipping and gratuities the staff of hotels and Guides prefer US Dollars or other major currencies.
Should I bring travelers cheques?
Yes you can, keep in mind that you will be charged a commission fee or they will be exchanged in lower rate.
Are old USD notes accepted?
We recommend to bring notes from year 2006 onwards, older notes are not accepted and if accepted will be charged a commission fee.

Lodging and Food

How does inSerengeti choose lodges, tented camps for overnight accommodation on safari?
We have a chain of partners in Hotels, Tented Camps which cater for all needs, after we discuss your accommodation preferences we will recommend several different hotels for you to choose from and what we recommend depending on your budget. The Hotels, Lodges and Tented camps varies from Budget to Mid-range to Luxury to High-end.
How rugged is a camping safari?
Camping Safari is one of the best ways of travelling for the budget traveler, we operate budget and luxury camping, we have the best camping equipment and dedicated staffs to make the experience worthwhile.
What camping equipment will you provide?
We will provide most of the equipment for your camping trip including the tents, mattresses chairs and tables, cooking and eating utensils etc.
Are all types of diets catered for?
We cater for both vegetarian and non vegetarian individual, if you have special diets preferences please let us know in advance we will discuss the feasibility.
Do I need to bring a water filter?
We boil all the water for our clients during our trekking trips including on Kilimanjaro, on Safari we use bottled water which are safe to drink.
What is a typical menu on a camping safari or Kilimanjaro climb?
We have the best cooks and experienced and they Cook nice gourmet meals, they are well known for their best recipe and will surprise you every time with their delicious meals. Please see the sample menu used during our trips.
What is Tanzanian food taste like and will I get to try some?
Tanzania is blessed with different types of food, fresh vegetables and fruit, the typical Tanzanian food is very nice and if you want it can be included in one of the dinners to enjoy with your guides who will teach you how to eat and enjoy a traditional African-Tanzanian meal.
What precautions should I take to avoid stomach problems?
To avoid stomach problems please take precautions by not drinking or brushing with tape water, wash and sterilize your hands regularly, peel your fruits before you eat them, and eat mostly cooked meals

Driving on Safari

What is inSerengeti Safari vehicles like?
We maintain a fleet of custom made safari vehicles with pop up roof, there are those that can carry 5 people(window seat guaranteed) and extended Land rovers and Land cruisers that can carry 7 people(window seat guaranteed), they are kept in good conditions and are maintained regularly.
What are the road conditions in Tanzania?
Most roads in the urban areas are tarmac roads, roads to and in the national park are kept well but are rough. For long trips it may be tiresome but the Driver Guides will try to drive you in the most comfortable way and you will feel safe with them behind the wheel

Kilimanjaro trekking

What is the daily weather like in Kilimanjaro?
The weather in Kilimanjaro is mostly cold, the temperature vary during the day the weather can be around 5-10 degrees centigrade and during the night it can go below zero degrees.

What is the client porter ration during the hike?
We have the best ratio of porter client, for each client there will be three porters, our client carries only their day pack includes only the things he/she may need for the day in question.
What is the guide client ratio?
We have the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals to lead our climbs, our Guides have been trained by us and the Kilimanjaro national park authority and have been licensed to lead climbs in all routes. We have annual training for all our staff to equip them to deal with various challenges during the hike.
For two clients there will be one head guide and 1 assistant guide, for four clients there will be 1 guide and two assistant guides. This will ensure our client will always have someone whenever they need anything.
What are your equipments like?
We use high quality camping equipment and our tents are rated season 3-4 durable enough for rough weather and are rain proofed. We use inflated mattresses to give more extra for our campers.

Photography on Safari

Is it possible to recharge a digital camera on safari?
Our cars have inventors for you to charge your mobile phones and cameras,

Should I bring extra batteries for my camera or will they be available in Tanzania?
We recommend you bring your own spare batteries, it may be difficult to find the exact make of your batteries here in Tanzania. What extra camera equipment should I bring to Tanzania?
For Safari you can bring as much as you want although with large group there maybe limited space in the car.
Will I be able to charge rechargeable batteries while in the bush?
Yes but please bring your own charger and you charge while in a hotel or tented camps which are run by generators and solar electricity.
How much film should I bring?
If you plan on using films then bring as many as possible as it may be difficult to find films for your camera, if you are using a digital camera then bring a memory card that is big enough for more than a thousand pictures for a seven day safari.

Souvenir Shopping

What about purchasing souvenirs?
Arusha town and its outskirts has variety of Souvenirs shops, the shopping can be done before, during or after the trip depend on what you prefer, our guides will take you to several shops where you can choose the best of souvenirs at the best prices.

Wildlife and Other Information

Who travels with us during safari and Kilimanjaro?
You will be escorted by an experienced and knowledgeable Driver guide during Safari and a Cook if you are staying in a public campsite, during Kilimanjaro Hike you will be escorted with a team of experienced Guides, Cooks, Camp crew and Porters who will assist you and carry your luggage and food for the entire trip.

What are the Big Five?
The Big five are Rhino, Lion, Elephant, Leopard, and Buffalo.
What is the wildebeest migration?
The Wildebeest Migration is the annual migration of wildebeest through the Serengeti Ecosystem largely comprise of the Serengeti National Park and a small part of Maasai Mara. The annual Migration comprise of Zebra and gazelles and others who join the majority Wildebeest on the largest mammal migration on earth. When is the famous wildebeest migration in Tanzania?
The famous wildebeest migration happens all year around, please see our migration map for dates and location. We can plan your trip so that you can be where the migration is, please contact us for details. The dates on the maps are not exact as the migration mostly depend on the weather pattern especially the rain season signaled by the wind
What are appropriate tips for inSerengeti staff?
Tipping is not compulsory but an accepted custom in African culture, so please offer tips to your driver, mountain guides, porters, camping staff, hotels staff etc. The amount will depend on your satisfaction, we have a guideline that may lead you into knowing how much to give, it can be less or more than what we propose and it will entirely be your choice but the staff will appreciate any gratuties you give them.

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