Sample Zaidi Itinerary

West Kilimanjaro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National parks, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park

Itinerary for a 10 day Adventure through Tanzania most renowned wilderness and scenic protected areas including 3 of the 7 natural wonders of Africa.


Day 01: Arusha

Arrive at the Kilimanjaro international airport. After finishing passport and custom procedures you will be meet and greet by your local Guide at the airport. We will go through our belongings and make sure all is in order and drive to Arusha town and we will check in at the hotel and short briefing for the next day. Dinner and overnight at the Mount Meru Hotel.

 Day 02: West Kilimanjaro- Ndarakwai Ranch              

Drive to Kambi ya Tembo conservancy(Ndarakwai ranch) with picnic lunch and arrive in the afternoon with an option of different activities that can be organized. A visit to the Maasai Boma is always a good experience and night game drive is wonderful experience with the views of snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro at night.

Return to the lodge for dinner and we will go through the program, suggestions and expectations for the next ten days. Dinner and overnight at Ndarakwai Camp.

 Day 03: West Kilimanjaro- Ndarakwai Ranch

After breakfast depart for a full day game drive through the conservancy with an option of visiting the Maasai boma. West Kilimanjaro is a private wildlife concession of more than 75,000 acres bordering Kenyas Amboseli National park, it offers spectacular landscapes, excellent game drive in the customized vehicles and a mix of close interaction with the Maasai people who plays a major role in protecting the conservancy.

Mixed woodlands and grassland and rocky peaks dominate the area. The landscape Wildlife and Birds life are representative of the Maasai biomes and offer a unique chance to see the gerenuk antelope,

rarely seen in any other protected areas, Yellow baboon or a lesser kudu and a stripped Hyenas at night are all a real possibility. West Kilimanjaro conservancy is a home to big herds of Elephants with the popular huge Elephant males carrying some of the largest tusks left in Africa, it such a treat to witness and spend times with these animals. The Animals movement of animals between Amboseli and west Kilimanjaro give a good opportunity to see the best of these two game reserves.

Day 04: Tarangire National Park.

Drive to Tarangire National park after breakfast for an afternoon game drive with picnic lunch overlooking Tarangire River. Dinner and Overnight at Tarangire Balloon Camp

Day 05: Tarangire National Park

Full day game drive inside Tarangire National Park visits the different areas of the park with picnic lunch on the way. Dinner and Overnight Tarangire Balloon Camp

Tarangire National park is a unique beautiful area with vast number of Baobab trees that first capture the eye, an expanse of gently rolling countryside is dotted with these majestic trees, which seem to dwarf the animals that feed beneath them. All year long huge herds of elephant roam the park.

The park is the place with big herds of Elephants, all year around you will find these creatures congregating down at the river, drinking and bathing. The park is very rewarding during the dry season when many of the migratory species of the Maasai steppe (Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem) come back to the permanent waters at Tarangire River. Herd’s of Wildebeest, Zebras, Eland and Oryx gather to stay in Tarangire where Tarangire river provide permanent supply of water and green grasses on its shores until the onset of the rain season when they migrate again by now the whole ecosystem will have good grazing grounds, waterholes full, sand river flowing again. The Tarangire National park covers approximately 2600 square kilometer although the whole ecosystem covers and approximately ………….

 Day 06: Lake Manyara National Park.

After breakfast drive to Lake Manyara National park, arrive visit the small museum at the park entrance and then proceed on game drives. Picnic lunch inside the park with the view of Lake Manyara depending on the season the lake is surrounded by pinkish Great and Lesser Flamingoes. Late afternoon drive out and proceed to Exploreans Ngorongoro Lodge for dinner and overnight.

Lake Manyara National Park is one of the most diverse of Tanzania national parks, mentioned by Ernest Hemingway as “the loveliest I had seen in Africa”, a small (325square kilometers) a combinations of Rift valley lake, underground water forest, dense woodlands, hot springs, rivers and the steep Great Rift Valley wall. Lake Manyara covers almost to third of the park with rich birdlife and a refuge hundreds of migratory birds, with hippo pool.

The park established to specifically protect the elephant herds that have made the area world renowned. Few years ago a pack of African Wild dog(Hunting Dog) a very rare species which was believed to be extinct at the area have been spotted. The Lake is also home to hundreds of Flamingo, large herds of buffalo as well as hippos, tree climbing lions and huge troops of baboons might be seen roaming the park. Lake Manyara unique habitat for a small area with three different vegetation zones protects species of birds not seen anywhere else in the north such as crested barbet, purple crested turaco and palm nut vultures.

Day 07: Ngorongoro Crater

Depart after early breakfast and drive to the Ngorongoro crater rim and after signing in we will descend to the crater for a half day game drive. We will have picnic lunch inside the crater. Late afternoon we will drive to the rim of the crater and overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge with great views of the Ngorongoro crater.


Ngorongoro Crater is a must visit even if you have only one day in your life to visit an African game park. It has been called a masterpiece of Mother Nature, award winning conservation area (1 of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa). The crater is a place of sublime beauty , and repository of Africa’s finest wildlife. All the Big five are present – Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Lion, living in a privileged existence on the 10o square miles and 21 kilometers wide there cannot be a better place for observing Lions lazily walking or sleeping close to the game drive roads, chance to see a cheetah running at a distance, the only place with a great chance of the seeing the endangered Black Rhino. Is crater views are stupendous.

The Ngorongoro crater is quite possibly the most famous of all Africa’s conservation areas.

The largest unbroken caldera in the world covering a mere 260 square kilometres, the 600 meter deep is a home to permanent population of more than 30,000 animals and is one of the place where you will have a chance of seeing the Big five animals. The Ngorongoro conservation area was established for a multipurpose land use between the local Maasai and Wildlife to co-exist, the unique arrangement will give us an opportunity to view and get a glimpse of this co-existence between the two hosts, sometimes you may witness the Maasai grazing their cattle on the floor and few meters away a Lion kill!


Day 08, 09 and 10: Serengeti National Pak

After breakfast we will drive to Serengeti national park, depending on the season. We may drive to four different locations where the Wildebeest Migration will be hosted.

The Migration calendar is fairly predictable and mostly determined by the rain season of the year. We will be able to see the Migration in its full swing as we will opt for Migration Luxury Camps that are mobile and move with the animals or located at close range to where the Migration will be. The experience is a must do.

We will have full day games chasing the migration or if it’s the breeding season in the southern we will have an opportunity to do a game drive surrounded by millions of animals. We will have meals and overnight at Serengeti Luxury Migration camps. The luxury tented camps are equipped with large tents, ensuite bathroom, separate communal lounge and dining area with outdoor camp fire at night.

Bathroom feature a shower with hot and cold running water available 24hours, flush toilet. Electricity is available by generator and inverter and solar panels to ensure guests tent have lights and there are also charging station at the lounge.


We have few choices lined up depending on availability and dates, please see below.

  1. Ang’ata Migration Camp;

  2. Exclusive Mobile Camps;

  3. Olakira and Kimondo Camp:


Day 11: Arusha or Zanzibar extension

After breakfast drive to the airstrip and aboard a chartered flight to Arusha for lunch and drive to the airport in the evening or Zanzibar for beach holiday.

Serengeti Ecosystem

The name Serengeti sterns from the Maasai word “Siringeti” meaning the endless plains. The Serengeti is a vast area stretching with the entire ecosystem approximately at 27,000 square kilometers; The Serengeti National park is approximately 15,000square kilometers.

The Serengeti stretches from the endless plains in the south to the woodlands and mashes in Western corridor and North bordering the Kenya Maasai Mara. The size of the whole ecosystem is virtually the same size as Belgium.

The Serengeti and the Serengeti migration is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and boasts the largest concentration of Wildlife in the world, thought to have more than 3 million large animals, home to the Great Wildebeest migration. The Migration of animals takes place every year to maintain the never ending circle of life.

Million plus strong herd move annually from the southern plains, where they give birth synchronically in February through March, in a span of 2-3 weeks close to 500.000 new calves will be born.

For Wildebeest and the animals of Migration safety is numbers. With each step passing through the obstacle from predators, thirsty and starvation the nature will make sure only the strongest will survive this 2000 kilometer journey in search of food, water and nutrients, with the big part covered at a run.

The Serengeti National Park is home to Lions, Cheetah, Leopard, Hunting Dogs, Elephant, Buffalo just to mention a few.


End of the Serengeti Migration Safari and Beyond


Price includes


Entrance Fees for the national park

Conservation area and Conservancy fees

Accommodation and Meals as specified in the itinerary

Ngorongoro Conservation entrance fees and Crater service fees

Half day game drive inside the Ngorongoro Crater

Customized Four wheel drive Safari Vehicle for transfers and Game drives

Night game drives in West Kilimanjaro

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